Pre-school seminar

We are very excited about our fisrst ever online pre-school seminar.

Who are the presenters?

Yolandi van den Heever – creator and owner of “Grade R without worksheets”

Sophie Breytenbach – ECD expert

Anisje van Kaam-Oberholster – attorney at law

What are the topics?

Yolandi – Her topic is assessment of concrete learning areas. We will focus on 10 typical outcomes found in CAPS, demonstrating with examples how the assessment of these outcomes works.

Sophie – She discusses creativity in the pre-school years. How to unlock creativity in the pre-schoolers in my class.

Anisje – Let’s talk about the cameras in my class, confidentiality in discussions with parents (when am I concerned and when is it gossip ?) May parents demand to see video footage, what should I have in place in order to take video’s of my personnel in the workplace, if I do not have cameras, what should be in place to ensure the children’s safety ?

Cost, time and medium of presentation

Date & time : 13 April 2020, 13h00 to 15h30

Cost : R90/person

Medium of presentation : The presentation will be done via Zoom. You will receive an invitational link via Whatsapp and by email beforehand (so you can join from your cellphone or computer). Click and participate ! We have free Zoom orientation sessions to help you get the technology sorted out in time. Comment below, should you require more details on these sessions.

What do I need to participate? : Cellphone or tablet or computer with reliable internet access.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

Pre-school teachers, assistants, parents, school principals and -owners.

Do you want to enroll for this seminar ?

Click on the payment button below, using your name and surname as reference. After successful payment, a form will open for you to enter details of participant(s). If you want to enter more than one participant – submit your own details, then submit another response for the next participant and so on.

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* Quantity

3 thoughts on “Pre-school seminar

Add yours

  1. Yes, I’m interested on Mondays English seminar. It’s a public holiday, will the seminar still be conducted?
    Kindly advise


  2. Good afternoon I’m struggling to register for the seminar. I already did the payment, can someone please assist me


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