This package is a MUST have for every 4 to 6 year old child in the country, maybe even in the world!

In 100 activities (all devised by qualified teachers) we guide you and your child on your path to school readiness.

The focus of this package is on language and mathematics, along with attention to perceptual development.

What are the benefits of the package?

It is put together in such a way that mom / grandma can easily do it with the child.The apparatus is used repeatedly in different waysWe do not focus on mini-projects like other packages, so the use of the package does not end when all the projects or work have been done.This package can easily be used after school as enriching work, but is complete enough to be used with a home program as well.

This package includes:

This package includes the following:

playdough (2 color balls)color patterns (5 pattern cards)small felt circles (10 circles to build your own patterns)shapes (5 shapes from cloth)felt shapes (15 small shapes cut out of felt)words to play with (10 sight words chosen at random)weather map pictures, days of the week and months of the yearthreading activity (1 lace / plastic lace and 10 threading counters) REMEMBER these threading counters are not only used for threading, but are also counters.alphabet cards (a – z with pictures mini cards to fit on your table)alphabet cards (a – z without pictures) ONLY ONE OF EACH LETTER.number cards (1 – 20 with pictures, mini cards to fit on your table)number cards (1 – 10 only numbers)ice cream sticks (20 sticks)counters (20 small counters)clothes pegs (10 pegs of all colours)blocks (10 variety of blocks of plastic or wood. They can be stacked and can also be used as counters.)diceyour own child’s name (laminated)booklet with 100 activitiesoutcomes according to CAPS for 4 – 6 year olds (Grade pre-R and R)

There are also extra sight words and pattern cards online.

On top of that, there is a nice printable animal puzzle online that you can use while learning.

Wonder what the box looks like on the inside?

The activities set out cover a large part of the 4 to 6 year CAPS curriculum and can be used with great success by the teacher in her class. 

Your box’s content may vary here and there from what you see in the video, depending on availability. (However, the quantities will match the video above.)

Here are some pictures of the box (your box will have text in English where you see Afrikaans now) :

Activities we did with the box :

Costs :

The whole package costs R550.00 per box, delivered at your home.

Click here to order and pay for your box online!

EFT or card

The fine print :

Dispatch takes 3 – 5 working days (remember we make a decorated and laminated name card for your child!)We courier with The Courier Guy

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