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This package is a MUST have for every 3 to 4 year old child in the country, maybe even in the world!

In 100 activities (all devised by qualified teachers) we guide you and your child on your path to grade RR.

The focus of this package is on fine motor development, gross motor skills, sensory play and expansion of vocabulary.

What are the benefits of the package?

  • It is put together in such a way that mom / grandma can easily do the activities with the child.
  • The apparatus is used repeatedly in different ways
  • We do not focus on mini-projects like other packages, so the use of the package does not end when all the projects or work have been done.
  • This package can be used after school as enriching work, but is complete enough to be used with a home program as well.

This package includes the following:

  • paper plates
  • color cards
  • color activity
  • plastic links
  • wooden sticks
  • ball
  • ice cream sticks
  • blocks
  • felt shapes
  • large tweezers
  • small circles
  • playdough
  • cloth shapes
  • laundry pegs
  • plastic test tube with screw cap
  • child's name
  • pom poms
  • animal puzzle
  • feet
  • small straw
  • small tweezers
  • board chalk
  • threading activity
  • laces
  • 100 Ideas Booklet
  • Outcomes according to the NCF
  • BONUS activity

This box is available in both ENGLISH and AFRIKAANS.

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