Oasis Curriculum 2022 (2 - 4 yr.)

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This is the age span of the toddler on a journey of discovery and the brain is a sponge like never again in one's life. Our program develops this thinking rather than suppressing it. We focus on perceptual motor development using apparatus that is widely available in the centre.

This program consists of approximately 40 weeks of content. This content runs alongside the dates provided by the Department of Basic Education and published in the Government Gazette.

Summarised is the content as follows:

  • Theme discussion for each week
  • Three stories that fit the theme of the week
  • Rhyme for the week
  • Theme words and pictures (not laminated)
  • Daily math lesson, language lesson and life skills lesson
  • Daily creative development lesson
  • Weekly continuous assessment in line with the assessment policy
  • 8 weeks perceptual development programme (2 weeks per quarter)
  • Workbooks that are age appropriate (and entirely optional) are available as an extra (per child). Our programme ensures that children do not make products at your centre and therefore do not create all sorts of items to take home. This book is an alternative. It takes little time, but still makes sense at the child's level.
  • Grade R only: Full letter package

Extra content and printable games, wall charts, and number cards are available on a OneDrive folder for the school to print out and use as needed.

What is included with each age group?

  • four reports (score cards) per year
  • enough content to enable the children to complete a well-rounded, meaningful year
  • activities offered in a concrete way
  • a letter to tell parents about our curriculum
  • a letter for submit to the Department positioning our curriculum
  • a certificate for the school confirming that the school is following our curriculum for the year 2022
  • access to a variety of extra resources via a OneDrive folder
  • access to a WhatsApp group (per age group) where the authors help with planning and training every week

    What else is included in the price?

  • These facilities are only available in Afrikaans at present.

    The value of the above is about R2 000.00.
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