Oasis Curriculum 2022 (Grade 2)

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This content corresponds with the programme for Grade R except that the writing exercises and workbooks are more formal. However, the programme is still informal and concrete in approach.

Our programme for Grades 1 and 2 has been successfully used in schools where children experience learning shortfalls. It is also successfully used by schools in a setting where the children need an enriched programme.

Subjects are as follows:

  • First language (home language) - choose from Afrikaans or English
  • First additional language (English or Afrikaans)
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills

Our assessments and reports are in line with the assessment policy.

We include a full letter package to facilitate the learning of letters and sounds. These same letters are used in grades R, 1 and 2, making revision easy!

What is included with each age group?

  • Four reports (scorecards) per year
  • enough content to enable the children to complete a well-rounded, meaningful year
  • activities offered in a concrete way
  • a letter to tell parents about our curriculum
  • a letter for submission to the Department positioning our curriculum
  • a certificate for the school confirming that the school is following our curriculum for the year 2022
  • access to a variety of extra resources via a OneDrive folder
  • access to a WhatsApp group (per age) where the authors help with planning and training every week
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