What does the program entail?
Each day’s tasks consist of a few sections.

Our little children learn at their best when all their senses are involved in the process. In this daily program we do just that ! There is no paperwork or worksheets involved.
For our Grade R children, there are 1 to 2 printable worksheets per week. We use the Departmental books for this.
Print-outs are thus minimized. Work that is printed will be used continuously and is not unnecessary or a waste of paper.
We use many videos so that mum / dad and the child clearly understand what is expected of them.
Each day contains a few components:

Theme work – we will do one theme per week and will use videos as well as activities (usually 1 video and 1 activity per day).
Language and math – every day there are language and math activities (2 to 3 activities in total for the day).
Gross motor development – every day we will develop major muscles with a minimum of 1 learning activity.
Perceptual development – this is our focus throughout.
Reading – some days we provide the story to listen to or read. Usually you can choose for yourself. (We will continue to give advice on reading stories for this age child on a continuous basis.)

This program (the structured activities) should not last longer than 1 hour (divided into 10 minutes activities) per day. Remember that your child in your home now receives 1 to 1 attention and is not in a class situation where there is divided attention.
Leave plenty of time for free play, block play, creative play and playdough . We will continually remind you how important this is as well as give you ideas on how to apply meaningfully.
How will I know if my child is making progress ?

 Assessment is not something to be afraid of or to shy away from. Assessment in our program is done continuously through observation from the educator and parent. At the end of the week we will look at 5 milestones (so-called outcomes).
By this you measure your child. The goal of this measure is not to see if your child is behind, but rather to determine what you still need to pay attention to.
The assessment we do is aligned with the NCF and CAPS. However, we are going to work wider and do so much more than just the minimum. Assessment, however, is done according to the guidelines in the official documents.
How long should I participate?
How does access to the system work?

You decide for yourself how long you want to use the program. The minimum period is one month.
Access is granted weekly for the week ahead.
Parents can decide for themselves which days they will attempt which activities. However, try to do every day’s work on the suggested day so that your child does not have to catch up on all the work in 1 day.
How do the costs and payments work?

Are you a parent?
The cost is R300 / month (all the children in your home aged between 2 and 6 years can participate).
Are you a school ?
Each child must be registered separately (make sure parents have email addresses).
Costs on a sliding scale:

1 – 10 children (R300 / child / month)
11-50 children (R200 / child / month)

50 (R100 / child / month)

Every teacher in the school has access to the assessment done by the parents, as well as access to the full program. (1 staff member for every 20 children is allowed free)
Age appropriateness
For which ages is the content appropriate?

We focus on children ages 2 years to grade R. Each activity indicates what is expected of the ages.
The outcomes are done per age. The 2 – 4 year old children will be grouped together throughout, as will the 4 – 6 year old children.

Choose from the following themes:

Context 1: Transport

Week 1: Road transportWeek 2: Rail transportWeek 3: Air transportWeek 4: Water transportBONUS days: funny shapes and colors that blend

Context 2 : Animals

Week 1: Farm animalsWeek 2: Wild animalsWeek 3: PetsWeek 4: Animals in the seaBONUS days: super senses

For a free sample of a typical day’s content go to:


Order and pay here :

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Are you a school? Please send us an email with the number of children you want to enroll to admin@oasisclub.co.za or phone us on 076 674 7901

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